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Residential Plumber Brisbane

Renovation Plumbing

We are your residential plumber Brisbane north and metro for residential plumbing and drainage services,

all jobs big and small.

Specialising in renovations as we have extensive knowledge in upgrading the plumbing and drainage in existing residences even house raises. 

Working with home owners, builders and interior designers throughout Brisbane to achieve quality results fast and with precision.

Call us if you require a quote on your Reno today, we will help. 

Legal Sewer capping and seal offs Brisbane

Sewer Capping Specialist plumber brisbane north and metro

Legal and certified sewer capping services for homes to be demolished or new homes to be built. 

Click here for info on compliance.

Combined sewer and sewer capping experts.

We have alot of experience working with sewer capping of combined drains and also utility providers in Brisbane north and Brisbane metro.

Call us if you need your sewer capped in and around Brisbane.

Hot water system maintenance and installation plumber north Brisbane and metro

Residential and commercial hot water

Replacing and maintaining hot water systems in commercial and industrial premises and also homes and unit complexes. 

We have extensive experience in the commercial hot water sector and can have hot water technicians on standby for your business or factory to ensure you always have hot water.

and we also use a range of different hot water brands and systems like:



and Rinnai

and all systems quoted will be based off your hot water usage to ensure you have efficient and on demand hot water all the time.

Stormwater drainage and flooding solutions

Stormwater drainage and Flooding solutions

Stormwater drainage tends to become an issue if not properly looked at 

So we provide solutions that prevent water pooling and flooding, such as perimeter systems, stormwater pits etc.  

We can even fix seepage and groundwater issues by collection and dispersing stormwater to lawful points of discharge Click here to learn more about stormwater drainage issues.

Or call us and we can fix the problem. 

Torpedo Plumbing can install a stormwater drainage system that will keep your home safe and get rid of the excess water when that heavy rain hits.

Our plans work, are cost effective and we are efficient and tidy when completing our works.

Retro fit Grease traps and oily water separators plumber north Brisbane and metro

Grease trap and oily water separator design and installation

Providing installation of grease traps and oily water separators with or without pumps to a new premises and work with you from design phase to installation and handover.

and we are setup up with all our own machinery to cut and excavate existing slabs and tenancies to allow you to convert your space into a fully compliant system for car washes and restaurants.


also we can arrange backflow devices for water supply and trade waste requirements are met with every installation Click here for local trade waste information.

Following trade waste guidelines for your business ensures that your operations will run seamlessly.

Commercial installation and maintenance Plumber Brisbane

Commercial plumber north Brisbane and metro

Ensure your commercial project is completed by a competent team of plumbers and drainers who ensure that proper supervision is maintained throughout every project big or small.

Working with Builders, body corporate, factory and unit complex owners and property managers all through Brisbane northside and Brisbane metro to ensure there commercial plumbing system is operating correctly to ensure no downtime for the business. 

Commercial maintenance is more complex then residential installations so extra care must be taken 

So contact us if you have a commercial property that requires repairs and well fix your issue.

We know that time is money for our commercial clients so we push along hastily to meet deadlines and go the extra mile to hit targets.

Wet fire services for commercial and industrial premises

Fire services plumber north Brisbane and metro

Our wet fire services include:

Fire hydrants 

Fire pumps

Fire hose reels 

Fire hydrant booster valves

valves and piping


Sprinkler systems 


Our years of experience with fire installations throughout Brisbane and ensuring the appropriate steps are taken so your installation complies with currents codes and regulations is our main goal 

Click here and know your requirements for fire services in Brisbane.

Every fire installation we have done is tested and certified by accredited private fire testing technicians.

Rain water tanks and pumps for water harvesting plumber north Brisbane and metro

Rainwater tanks and pumps

If your in semi rural Brisbane,

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to remain sustainable and keeping your water bill down. 

Also Rain water tanks can even be connected to your house toilets and washing machine 

and we can also install a tap connected through a water filtration system so you can drink the cleanest, safest drinking water.

Bottled water is so expensive so why not bottle your own drinking water straight from the source.

and we also supply and install pumping systems that give you full pressure to your hose taps and irrigation system.

We use pumps such as rain water switching pumps which can automatically switch from harvested rain water to town water Click here for info. 

stormwater drainage brisbane

About the company

Torpedo Plumbing is built up of a team of plumbers, roofers and apprentices.

The team is young, lively and determined, With a knack for problem solving.

James Casella the director of the company has been plumbing since beginning his apprenticeship in 2004.

Since then James has focused on what he is good at and formed a team of plumbers in Brisbane that can handle a huge variety of projects big or small.

The Torpedo team over the years has built solid relationships within the industry because we deliver even when we are presented with complex challenges.